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Why subscribe to ListenerU in 2022?

  • More affordable audiobooks than Audible
  • You can earn certificates just by listening to great audiobooks and leaving reviews (great for resumes and LinkedIn)
  • Purchase an annual subscription in 2022, and your annual payments will NEVER increase!! (no matter what inflation tries to do!)
  • You are supporting small businesses
  • Your feedback and input will make a difference for v2.o
  • When ListenerU reaches 5,000 members, we will be able to start supporting charities!
  • We have lots of random giveaway draws for members! (starting with wireless ear buds!)

How it works


Become a ListenerU subscriber, create your profile, and browse our courses and audiobooks.


Join a course, listen to the audiobooks, then leave a review for each audiobook.

1 audiobook = 1 credit


Download your course certificate, share it on your resume and social media, then start your next course!

ListenerU Certificate of Completion


Select a certificate you want to achieve (Ex/ Leadership Studies, Aboriginal Studies, etc), listen to the required audiobooks, provide a review for each audiobook, then receive your certificate!

ListenerU audiobook


Listen to any audiobook you want- it doesn’t have to be part of a badge or certificate, but it probably will be!

The Peer Review Review (PRR) System

Here at ListenerU, we want you to remember what you learn and we want our certificates to have value without having excess costs of marking exams and essays (we both know you don’t want that either!).

So, we developed the Peer Review Review (PRR) system!

After you complete each audiobook, if you want to earn the certificate, you will be required to complete a brief rating and review.

Once the audiobook and the review are completed, that book will count towards your certificate, and your review will then be publicly visible so that others can see what you wrote and give you a thumbs up, or comment on it! This is a great way for potential employers or mentors to get to know you and your writing / thinking style- so make sure you do a good job!

We encourage members to leave audiobook reviews that respond to these 3 topics:

1 – What I liked about this book

2 – What I disliked about this book

3 – My Main Takeaway

Its about providing our members with high quality learning from the world’s top minds and giving them the recognition they deserve, all without disrupting their life or their bank account

-Brent Rouble, ListenerU Founder

Start Listening, Start Being Recognized!

Choose one of our three amazing membership options, and start listening to your favorite audiobooks while earning certificates!