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With the ListenerU app, accessing thousands of high-quality audiobooks and audio courses has never been easier or more convenient. Whether you’re looking for your next great listen, or a way to expand your knowledge and skills, you’ll find it all here, in one place.


ListenerU is not just an audiobook platform, but a publisher as well. We believe in empowering our authors and subject matter experts to share their knowledge and expertise through the power of audio. That’s why we offer the highest royalties in the industry to our exclusive ListenerU authors.

We’re always on the lookout for new creators and innovative ideas. If you’re an author or subject matter expert with a passion for sharing your knowledge, we invite you to publish your audiobook or audio course with ListenerU. Join the ListenerU community and start earning industry leading royalties today.

Audiobook Production


Empower Your Learning with ListenerU. As a certified educational institution, ListenerU offers audio-based certificate courses to help you meet your professional development goals. Experience the future of learning today with ListenerU.

ListenerU Certificate of Completion
ListenerU Certificate of Completion

Professional Certification

Audiobook Professional Certification (APC) is a leading certification program for audiobook recording studios, narrators, and remote engineers. APC certifies professionals based on quality, verification, fair prices, professionalism, ability, inspections, and more, ensuring that the highest quality audiobooks are produced. By becoming APC certified, professionals are able to showcase their expertise, raise their profile, and differentiate themselves in the industry. With APC, listeners can trust that the audiobooks they enjoy are of the highest quality, produced by certified and verified professionals. Visit the website for more information on becoming an APC certified professional today.

Audiobook Professional Certification

The Peer Review Review (PRR) System

We believe in the power of self-driven learning and the importance of having value-added certifications. That’s why we’ve created the Peer Review Review (PRR) system to provide a practical and easy-to-use method for learners to earn their certificates.

To obtain a certificate, simply join a course, listen to the audiobooks in that course, and write a brief review on each audiobook. Once completed, the audiobook will count towards your certificate and your review will be publicly visible for others to see, comment on, and endorse.

Our PRR system allows you to showcase your writing and thinking style, making it a valuable tool for potential employers and mentors to get to know you. And with each review focusing on the 3 key topics of “What I liked”, “What I disliked”, and “My Main Takeaway”, you can help others make informed decisions about what books to listen to next.

So, join the ListenerU community and start earning valuable certificates while honing your writing and critical thinking skills with the PRR system.

Its about providing our members with high quality learning from the world’s top minds and giving them the recognition they deserve, all without disrupting their life or their bank account

-Brent Rouble, ListenerU Founder

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