How to, ListenerU

Here you can find guides on how to become a member, join a course, earn a certificate, complete a Peer Review Review (PRR), and and more!

ListenerU - How to become a member.

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How to Become a ListenerU Member:

1 – Download the ListenerU app in the Google Play Store of the Apple App Store, depending on what device you use.

2 – Open the ListenerU app and select “I’m New” to get started. You will then be asked to fill in your name and email, and create a password.

3 – Once you have successfully logged in, open up the main menu (the hamburger menu) and select “Subscribe”. Then, select the subscription of your choice.

*Hint: if you plan to complete several courses or if you just love audiobooks, the “Annual Gold” subscription is the best bang for your buck!

4 – Update your profile with a little bio and maybe a picture, and start listening!

ListenerU - How to join a course.

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How to Join a ListenerU Course:

1 – Become a ListenerU member and subscribe to one of our three packages.

2 – Go to the search page and select “courses” to view all of the ListenerU courses.

3 – Scroll through the courses, read the descriptions, and check out the audiobooks that make the courses, the select a course that sounds interesting to you and select “Join Course” at the bottom.

4 – Purchase the audiobooks in the course as you listen to them. You can choose to use your credits to pay for the audiobooks, or our member sticker price. Then, start listening and learning!

ListenerU - How to earn a certificate.

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How to Earn a ListenerU Certificate:

1 – Join a course

2 – Purchase the audiobooks within the course as you listen to them.

3 – Once you complete each audiobook 100% (you can “mark complete” if you just have a few minutes left), rate the audiobook 1 to 5 start and leave a review. It is up to you what you write in the review, but we encourage our members to write about what they liked about the audiobook, what they disliked about the audiobook, and what their main takeaway from the audiobook was.

4 – Download your certificate! Your certificate is always available for download in the “Courses” section of the “My Library” page when you select the course.

Feel free to show off your certificate on social media and your resume!

ListenerU - How to Peer Review Review (PRR). 

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How to complete a ListenerU Peer Review Review (PRR):

1 – View an audiobook from the “Search” page.

2 – Select “Reviews” so you can view all of the current reviews of the audiobook.

3 – Select a review that you want to peer review, and select “Add Peer Review”.

4 – To complete the Peer Review Review, give it a thumbs up or thumbs down and write a review for the original reviewer. Remember to be kind, and offer constructive criticism or tell them what a great job they did!