What is ListenerU?

Answer: ListenerU is a platform for audiobooks, audio courses, and continuing education. Our mission is to make learning accessible, convenient, and enjoyable through the power of audiobooks and audio courses.

How does ListenerU work?

Answer: With ListenerU, you can access thousands of audiobooks and audio courses through our app. Simply sign up, choose the audiobook or audio course you want to listen to, and start learning. You can listen to audiobooks and audio courses on the go, whether you’re at home, on the train, or even while you’re working out.

How much does ListenerU cost?

Answer: ListenerU offers a variety of pricing plans, with our most affordable pricing options through the website (here) to avoid paying high app store commissions.

What types of audiobooks and audio courses does ListenerU offer?

Answer: ListenerU offers a wide variety of audiobooks and audio courses, covering topics such as business, self-help, health, fiction, and more. We also offer audio-based certificate courses, which you can earn by completing a series of audiobooks in a specific area of study.

Does ListenerU offer exclusive content?

Answer: Yes, ListenerU is also an audiobook publisher and we provide our ListenerU exclusive authors with the highest royalties in the industry. Our platform offers a unique opportunity for authors and subject matter experts to publish audiobooks and audio courses, and reach a wide audience of listeners.

Can I earn a certificate with ListenerU?

Answer: Yes, ListenerU is a certified educational institution and we offer audio-based certificate courses. After you complete each audiobook, you can earn a certificate by writing a brief review and rating the book. These certificates can be used to demonstrate your learning and expertise to potential employers or mentors.