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Modern learning for innovative people

Listen anywhere, anytime. Choose from our handpicked audiobooks, listen on your own schedule, and earn certificates as you learn and grow.

Learn from the pro’s, without the student loans! ListenerU is continuous learning at its best.

Listen to learn, or listen for fun!

ListenerU also provides our members with a wide range of affordable fiction audiobooks, for when you just want to relax or escape with a good book.

Since writing down key points of the audiobook helps you remember important information, our Peer Review Review (PRR) system not only allows you to obtain recognition for your hard work by counting each book towards certificates, but it actually makes you smarter!

How is ListenerU different?

ListenerU is unlike any other audiobook distributor, producer, or educational institution.

– Affordable audiobooks (bonus: tax rebates for most Canadians)..

– Audio learning: Earn certificates by joining a course and listening to audio content (great for resumes and LinkedIn).

– We pay our authors industry leading royalties.

– We value our customers, publishers, and authors.

– We are creating new audio-based learning methods.

– We help professionals achieve their continuing education credits without disrupting their life or breaking the bank. ListenerU course completion can be easily audited by professional organizations.

– We aim to help students and adults with dyslexia by making audio material more widely available.

Coming soon…

More Accessible Reading Opportunities: We enable people with visual or reading disabilities to enjoy the written word!

More Audiobooks: We are always seeking more publisher partners and authors to grow the ListenerU library.

More Audio Courses: Do you know a subject matter expert? Let us know, so we can help them create an audio course with their knowledge!

More App Features: We are always working to make the ListenerU apps better by adding new, useful features (including a top-secret new clock app, where the full version will only be available to ListenerU members).

We aren’t trying to ‘disrupt‘ the education or audiobook spaces… We are trying to expand them and make them more accessible to everyone, no matter what their situation is.

-Brent Rouble, ListenerU Founder