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Canada Training Credit – 50% REIMBURSEMENT!

ListenerU Inc. is certified by the Government of Canada as an educational institution, meaning you can claim $250, up to 50%, with the Canada Training Credit (CTC) on your tax return!

To be eligible, you need to be a Canadian worker:

-with at least $10,000 income (including maternity or parental leave benefits)

-with an annual income of less than $151,978

-between the ages of 26 and 66

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This means that most Canadians can get 50% BACK from their ListenerU membership! That’s a lot of FREE audiobooks and courses!!!

Modern learning for innovative people

Listen anywhere, anytime. Choose from our handpicked audiobooks, listen on your own schedule, and achieve certifications as you learn and grow.

Learn from the pro’s, without the student loans! ListenerU is continuous learning at its best.

Listen to learn, or listen for fun!

ListenerU also provides our members with a wide range of affordable fiction audiobooks, for when you just want to relax or escape with a good book.

Did you know?

Writing down the ideas that you learned helps activate the portion of the brain that manages spatial relationships. This helps the brain filter out the unnecessary auditory information so that core facts and ideas stick. In essence you are evaluating and putting order to the information you heard. (

Since writing down key points of the audiobook helps you remember important information, our Peer Review Review (PRR) system not only allows you to obtain recognition for your hard work by counting each book towards certificates, but it actually makes you smarter!

How is ListenerU different?

ListenerU is unlike any other audiobook retailer or educational institution.

1 – We reward you for listening and gaining knowledge with certificates that can be showcased on social media or resumes.

2 – We help professionals achieve their continuing education credits without disrupting their life or breaking the bank. ListenerU course completion can be easily audited by professional organizations.

3 – We help you find recommendations from your favourite people or groups with our ListenerU courses.

4 – We aim to help students and adults with dyslexia by making audio material more widely available.

5 – We aim to work with schools to help institutions and alumni stay connected, and provide more accessible education. We will make it easy for professors to bring their material to the global market.

Did you know?

It is estimated that 15% to 20% of the population has Dyslexia, and it is the most common learning disability. In Canada that’s an estimated 5 million people!

Coming soon…

ListenerU Platform: We plan on teaming up with institutions and other members to develop their own content that they can sell on the ListenerU Platform.

Audio Textbooks: We seek to find and produce audio textbooks, to give our members more convenient and more equal learning opportunities.

ListenerU Publishing: We will work with independent authors to develop audiobooks from their material, then sell it for them on the ListenerU Platform.

Audiblogs: Not podcasts, not blogs… Audiblogs! We will regularly record some of your favourite blogs so that you can listen to them while getting other stuff done!

SO MUCH MORE: We never stop coming up with new ways for you to get the most out of your ListenerU membership! Stay tuned for secret app add-ons, referral bonuses, and SO MUCH MORE!

We aren’t trying to ‘disrupt‘ the education or audiobook spaces… We are trying to expand them and make them more accessible to everyone, no matter what their situation is.

-Brent Rouble, ListenerU Founder